For Brick and Mortar Stores

As of Dec.1/18, “The Crystal Road” will be more enticing to stores

December 1, 2018:  The Crystal Road will be “returnable”

This has been quite the learning curve!  You may see “The Crystal Road”, in more bookstores in December.  For Brick and Mortar stores, such as Indigo, Chapters, Coles, etc…most prefer to place books on their shelves under only two conditions:

  1.  On Consignment:  whereby author’s provide the books, and offer 45% of the retail stores (leaving with most author’s only $1-3/book).
  2.  Returnable:  For an added publishing/marketing fee, the book can be given a ‘returnable’ status, and have a trade discount of 45-55% of the sale price for these stores to take a chance on shelving them (after production costs, again, this leaves the authors with $1-3/book).

For this reason, hardcovers of “The Crystal Road” will be available through online sales only.  I have paid the fee to make “The Crystal Road”, returnable with a 55% trade discount and will be approaching stores one-by-one to see if they will order.

Why did I publish it?  I wanted to leave this for my children, and by publishing it, felt that perhaps I could live forever on paper.

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