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                  Jan-Andrea Day

Author Bio and Healing Journey


I have been given the opportunity, to enjoy each day to the fullest and the time to surround myself with the people that mean the most and to take on the projects that fuel my heart.

Upon being diagnosed in early 2017, with Breast Cancer, followed by Metastatic proliferation to various ribs, vertebrae and lining of my lungs, my outlook was tainted by the physical limitations and pain and the Oncologist’s comment “Now, you are Palliative.”  At the time, my mobility was minimal, and the pain was excruciating as the burst fracture from the T11 vertebrae was sheer millimeters from my spine.

But, with time, a positive attitude, Tamoxifen (anti-estrogen) and a more healthy lifestyle, including Chaga Tea, Essiac Tea, Matcha Tea, Vitamins C and D, Omega-3s, topical application of Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils, nighttime ingestion of Cannabis oil, Meditation, less refined sugars and more REAL food, I have become healthier, stronger and  self-reliant.  I don’t know how much time I will have on this earth, but I will enjoy each and every day that I wake up, without pain, and focus on what is truly meaningful to me.

Since my cancer is estrogen positive, meaning fed by estrogen, I have been doing much reading, and much tweaking as to what I consume, and what goes onto my skin.  What we put on our skin, ends up in our bodies, and many commercial products add pseudo-estrogens and various toxins and undesirables which are not good for my longevity.  With my science background, I started to play, and learned to make my own toiletries, cosmetics and housecleaning supplies to prolong my quality of life.  Not only were these physically beneficial to me, the experience became a wonderful project, that developed into a small hobby of attending craft shows, where I enjoyed socializing and engaging with all walks of life.  I also started to teach others to become DIY’ers, in a group where I could learn and teach from home.  My favourite projects were those that brought me to my Jansquest blog, to identify the barriers in our social services, that have been preventing those in need from accessing care and funding.  Participating in the “Bridges out of Poverty” workshop with our local Health Unit, opened up a new platform for me to help those in need by allowing me to share my knowledge and experiences as a Circle Ally, in a wonderful program that matches “Circle Leaders” (those in poverty, wanting help to get on their feet), with “Circle Allies” (those volunteers that will be matched with a Circle Leader to assist them in navigating the social services system and move ahead with their individual life goals.

Last, but not least is this Autobiography, my Legacy Project and Healing Journey, all in one!  I pray that opening this up and sharing it with the world will help at least a few people.  It means so much to me to leave this for my children, and I hope that it is received for what it was intended.  I hope that it helps in explaining who I am to my family, and allows their continued healing in their journeys.

As many parents, but in particular Mothers, we tend to put our needs last.  This was my biggest downfall, trying to be SuperMom, SuperWife and keep the pretense that I had it altogether.  We’re Humans.  Being Human, involves many weaknesses, egos and downfalls, but also many wondrous opportunities, to create ourselves, regardless of our gender.  The only limitations we have are the ones that we set on ourselves.

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